Information regarding manufacturing facilities of HAL

A. Bulk manufacturing facilities

HAL is having fermentation based manufacturing facilities including 19X92M3 fermentor alongwith its downstream processing, solvent recovery and associated utilities like steam, chilled water, cooling tower water, compressed air etc. This facilities earlier was used for manufacturing fermentation based bulks like Penicillin-G, Streptomycin Sulphate. This facilities is idle at present and is available for leasing.

B. Formulation plant facilities

HAL is focusing at present on manufacturing Pharma formulation and promising Agro- formulation to cater to wide range of Pharma and Agro market. HAL Pharma products includes various dosage forms like Injectable product, Tablets, Capsules, Intra-Venus products, Liquid Syrup etc. At present manufacturing formulation capacities including Pharma & Agro-Chem are as follows:-

SR.No. Production facilities Capacities (Existing) Lacs No. / annum
A. Pharma Plants  
1 Powder Injectable  
a. Cephalosporin 450
b. Penicillin 450
2 Tablets  
a. Penicillin 1200
b. Non-Penicillin 2400
3 Penicillin capsules 2500
4 I.V.Fluids 120
5 Liquid Syrup & External preparation 24
B Agro-Chem Plants  
1 Agro- Chem (streptocycline) 72
2 Humaur formulation 360KL*
3 Aureofungin Bulk 1.20 tonnes
4 Azotomeal 50 KL*
5 Phosphmeal 50 KL*

*Capacity of these products can be increased depending upon requirement since HAL is having idle sizable fermentation facilities

Some Features of the manufacturing facilities

i. HAL has installed state-of-the-art facility recently for manufacturing Cephalosporin and Penicillin Powder injectable. Cephalosporin powder injectable has been accredited WHO-GMP certification.
ii. HAL existing IVFluid plant is set up with Blow-fill-seal technology with machines of Rommleg, Switzerland.
iii. All the plants of HAL are complying to the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to Pharma production.
iv. HAL has plans to upgrade capacities of Non-Parenteral products, IVFluid, Agro-Chem (Streptocycline) in near future.

C. Product Profile

i. Cephalosporin : Powder Injectables (In Various Doses)

HALTAX (Cefotaxime)
HAXONE ( Ceftriaxone)
TRANSUF (Cefaperazone)
UROX (Cefuroxime sodium)
HALTAX S ( Cefotaxime Sodium + Sulbactam)
HAXONE S ( Ceftriaxone Sodium + Sulbactam)
TRANSUF S ( Cefoperazone Sodium + Sulbactam)
HALPEN (Meropenum)

ii. Penicillin : Powder Injectables (In Various Doses)

DYNACIL (Ampicillin Sodium
SODICILLIN (Sodium Penicillin)
LONGACILLIN (Benzathine Penicillin)

iii.Large Volume Parenterals ( Intra Venus Fluids products)

PLAZILOC ( Levofloxacin)

iv. Oral Dosage Forms (Tablets) Plain Tablets (Human & Veterinary)

HALNAZ ( Fluconazole)

v. Oral Dosage Forms (Tablets) Coated Tablets (In Different Strengths))

HAXIME (Cefixime)

vi. Oral Dosage Forms (Tablets) Sustained Release Tablets (In Different Strengths)


vii. Oral Dosage Forms (Capsules) Capsules (In Different Strengths)


viii. Liquid Syrups/Suspensions


ix. Agro. Products




D. Agro-Chem products manufactured by HAL

i. Streptocycline

Streptocycline is an Antibacterial Antibiotic formulation recommended for effective control of bacterial disease of plant. It is a yellow coloured free flowing powder containing Streptomycin sulphate and Tetracycline Hydro chloride. It is readily soluble in water and being systematic in action gets readily absorbed in the plant when sprayed and does not get washed off in rain.

Streptocycline is very effective for controlling the crop diseases. Some of the examples are cited below:-

CROP Disease
Cotton Seedling blight / leaf spot
Grapes Bacterial leaf spot
Pomegranate Bacterial Blight
Rice Bacterial leaf spot
Banana Leaf spot / Leaf blight / Heart rot

Streptocycline is available in 6gms in pouch and 500 gms pack. Shelf life of Streptocycline is 24 months

ii. Humaur

Humaur is liquid bio-organic, foliar spray for plants. It is nutritionally balanced food for plants. Humaur provides various plant nutrition to crops and increases yield by 20-25%.

All crops requires major and minor nutrients. Nutrients are depleted in soil by continuous cropping after harvest of each crop, all nutrients required by crop should be replaced. These plants nutrients are called essential element and in the absence of any one of these elements, the plant fails to complete its life cycle. Essential micro nutrients for plant growth are iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and chlorine Humaur is a Bio-organic foliar spray of biological origin, rich in Humus like substances self constituted micro nutrients. Humaur has buffering soil conditioning and acid release property.

Humaur increases crop yield by:

Correcting micronutrients deficiencies and ensuring a better micro nutrient balance.
Producing stimulatory effects on various enzyme reactions.
Protecting the plant against adverse environmental conditions.

Humaur is used for

To Enhance germination and extensive routine of plants
Preservation of natural freshness of fruits, crops & vegetables

Humaur is a non toxic, non pollutant bio-organic foliar spray. Humaur being nutritionally balanced food for plants can be used for all crops.

Why Humaur

Humaur is easily assimilated in all parts of plant. Humaur favours germinations and rooting of plants Humaur induces sprouting and flowering of plants. Humaur breaks dormancy and maintains ambient temp. and rigidity of expose plant

Humaur is available in 100 ml., 250 ml., 0.5 ltr, 1 ltr., 5 ltr., 50 ltr. Pack size. Shelf life of Humaur is 60 months.

iii. Aureofungin

Aureofungin is antifungal antibiotics invented and developed by HAL exclusively for agriculture use. Aureofungin being broad spectrum antibiotic has proved very effective in prevention and control of various fungal diseases. Aureofungin is very effective for controlling the crop diseases. Some of the examples are cited below:-

CROP Disease
Apple powdery mildew
Banana anthracnose
Grapes downy mildew
Wheat rust
Coconut Wilt
Sugar-cane Red rot and smut

Aureofungin sol

Aureofungin sol is a fungicidal formulation.

Aureofungin foliar spray used for

a) Elimination of seed borne infection
b) Resulting in better germination
c) Control of disease during storage and transport.

Doses of Aureofungin

50-100 PPM depending upon various crops and diseases

The shelf life of Aureofungin is 24 months.
Aureofungin is nontoxic and nonpolluting.
Aureofungin is quickly degraded.
Aurefungin sol. is available 13 gms pouch and 65 gms tin

iv. Azotomeal

Azotomeal is an ecofriendly Nitrogenous liquid bio fertilizer. Azotomeal is key component of integrated plant nutrient supplement system. It can be used for soil amendment , seed treatment, seedling treatment and foliar spray.

Advantages of Azotomeal

Azotomeal fixes 20-40 k.g. of atmospheric Nitrogen / hectare / year
Azotomeal supplements fertilizers supplies for meeting the nutrient need
Azotomeal nourishes the crop and soil by producing growth regulating substances and vitamins
Azotomeal suppresses the incidence of pathogens and control disease
Azotomeal increases the yield 20-25%

Importance of Nitrogen and its Biological fixation

When Azotomeal comes in contact with the soil or plant parts, it germinates itself into vegetative cells within 3 hrs. by utilizing the carbohydrates ( metabolites) of plants and then starts converting the atmospheric nitrogen into Ammonia apart from producing plant growth promoting substances.

Azotomeal is available in 250 ml. and 1 ltr. Bottle and its shelf life is 2 years

v. Phosphomeal

With the increasing demand for higher food production, there is an increase demand for fertilizer supplying Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Phosphorous occupies a critical position both in crop production and in biology of soil. Certain micro-organism are capable of converting the insoluble phosphate to soluble form and making it available to plant.

Phosphomeal contains phosphate solubilising bacteria in the dormant form. In addition to living cells, it is rich in fermentation products such as growth regulators, vitamin and other easily assimilated by plants. It also produces biologically derived chelators that facilitate controlled release of nutrients from soil. Hence it can also used as a foliar spray apart from soil amendment.

Advantages of Phosphmeal

Phosphomeal soluabilises / emmobilises 30-50 k.g. P2O5 / hectare
Phosphomeal helps to maintain soil fertility
Phosphomeal provides sustainability to the farming system
Phosphomeal is economical, pollution free and based on renewable energy sources

Phosphmeal is available in 250 ml. and 1 ltr. Bottle and its shelf life is 2 years.