Vision :

The thrust of all training activities is to improve the quality of the product, quality of men, quality of leadership in Managerial category; thereby giving the organisation a competitive edge.

Objectives :   

  1. To update the knowledge of employees
  2. To develop necessary skills of the employees to cope up with the modern changing technology.
  3. To change the attitude of the employees so as to dedicate them for organisational commitments.

Activities of H.A.Training Centre can be broadly categorised into :

  1. Employees’ training and development.
  2. Implementation of Apprentices Act 1961 (as amended in 1973 and 1986)
  3. Employees’ Training and Development Activities at HATC :-
    Mainly three types of need-based training programmes are conducted – Management development, Supervisory Development and Worker Development. Every year training needs are reviewed for various categories of the employees and training plan is prepared and implemented.

  H.A. Training Centre makes its facilities available for other organisations and neighbouring industries to get training opportunities at reasonable charges.

H.A. Training Centre had also organised training programmes on National and International level.    Various individual trainings for trainees, scientists & technologist from abroad in the fields of Bio-technology, advanced microbiology, management, etc. had been conducted under UNIDO and WHO schemes.